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After Vicenza now it's the time of London.

 Andrea Palladio, the italian architect, "widely considered the most influential person in the history of Western architecture" and whose magnificant villas in Veneto are world-famous - sees the celebration of the 500th anniversary of his birth in an exhibition organised at the The Royal Academy of Arts in London from 31 January until 13 April 2009.

The show 'Andrea Palladio: His Life and Legacy' displays  paintings, original drawings and books by the great italian architect whose style  has influenced British Architects in building, houses, villas and interiors of Great Britain.

Much of the beauty of Britain's architecture  can be defined British Palladian and Neo-Palladian style which dominated in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Among his works here left you can see an image of the interiors of Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza, considered the finest theatre of Italy.

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