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The construction of one of Europe tallest buildings and technologically advanced tower ever built began at the end of March 2009 in the London Bridge area.

The tower to stand at 1,017 feet (310 m) tall and will have 72 floors, plus 15 further radiator floors in the roof, making it the tallest and breathtaking building not only in the country but probably in Europe. Renzo Piano, the italian building's architect, worked together with architectural firm Broadway Malyan during the planning stage of the project.

The so called Shard tower will be a mixed use skyscraper hosting a Hotel and office space.  It will also have an observation deck which is expected to attract over 2 million site seers a year

 The concept behind The Shard was designed within seconds in a Berlin restaurant by the renowned architect  Piano, a few years ago. The tower is designed to be a sharp and light presence on the London skyline, and to be sustainable  from every point of view: human, technological, energetic and economic.

The Shard at London Bridge will become a recognizable symbol of London throughout the world.

Its steeply sloping facades of white glass will make the tower seem to partly disappear into the sky and it is its elegant and tapering shape that prompted its Shard nickname.




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