Mexican Art at the Tate Modern     




Gabriel Orozco's work,  the internationally best known mexican artist, has captured the attention of some of the most important contemporary art museums in the world, including the Tate Modern, that these days devotes to him with 80 works full of lyricsm and humour, the largest exhibition ever been tributed in the UK.


On display are to mention the Citroen DS, dated 1993 - reduced in size by the artist by one third -  Black Kites of 1997, a human skull covered with geometric cubes and Oval with Pendulum, 1996, a small billiards table that functions as a pendulum. It is worth mentioning also sculptures like Horse running endlessly of 1995.


His work is a continuous exploration, revealing a spirit of both wit and amazement, open to surprise, the variety of his work is astonishing. Nonetheless, his aesthetic is consistent closer to that of a poet than of an artist. The show is on until 25th April.

                                                  By Annalisa de Hassek




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