A Novel by Email: Corduroy Mansions



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December 2008

The first online serial novel by Alexander McCall Smith, bestselling writer, is Corduroy Mansions .

This ebook, which counts 20 chapters and is developed day by day by the novelist will be delivered each weekday for 20 weeks and  is currently published online exclusively on www.telegraph.co.uk.

 You can both watch the video or listen to it instead of reading and even receive for free your daily chapter by email.

The author started writing serial novels some years ago by creating his Edinburgh serial novel 44 Scotland Street  which had appeared for 5 years on the Scottish newspaper The Scotsman.  After Edinburgh it's now the time of London and Corduroy Mansions is set in Pimlico, area considered by Mc Call Smith the ideal location for his story.

As interactivity is an important point in this project, readers are invited to participate to the development of the plot as Mc Call Smith welcomes suggestions related to the happenings.

It is also worth to notice the fine drawings and to mention the illustrator of the ebook Iain McIntosh.




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