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 One of the most interesting landmarks for design lovers in London is DaSilva Interiors, an unexpected bijou on one of the most delightful roads of Belgravia, Elizabeth Street.

It is a tiny museum where a trove of vintage pieces of 40s 50s 60s and 70s, including lighting, furniture and artworks, mirrors and miscellaneous items  are chosen by Vera, the brazilian owner  - and come from all over the world. You can find always new pieces here, and you never know what you can find from week to week. It is like a small Victorian & Albert museum.


Stock comes from various designers including Terence Conran, Sergio Rodriguez, Lucio Costa and Merrow Associates. The latter - described as 'technically unsurpassed'- is a british engineering company which started to make their unique and sought after furniture in the 70s.

One of the best and representative items found in this charming spot  is the chest of drawers called Passport collection, designed and handcrafted by Sameh El-Shahat in 2008. Its body is in gold leaf with inlaid wood, as well as drawers. The result is the representation of the UK flag. 

Of the same collection are the pair of side-tables.

This designers furniture appears under the brand name of Tavola Rasa and pieces are either one-offs or limited edition and iconic.

Last but not least, at DaSilva interiors you can even go back to school since there is a 30s/40s English school desk with seat lifts up and adjustable forwards/backwards desk and whose desktop can be horizontal or slanted, including storage and foot rest.


As a guide, prices go from around GBP 50 to GBP 20,000. 



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