Horrid Henry: the Ultimate Hero in Children's Literature 



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December 2008 

Judging from the 12 m copies of titles sold in Britain, this is the most  successfull children character recently appeared on the scenes and "Horrid Henry" who is a naughty, bad and selfish chiild, despite all is loved by everybody and very popular, so popular that it has just become a stage play in the West End of London.

The reason why the books are so popular is that they are incredibly funny and not only for children aged between 5 and 8.

Horrid Henry does totally unaccettable things within his entourage, differently from all other conventional stories for children, and he is extremely bossy.

The curiosity is that this unconventional world created by a US born writer, Francesca Simon, has not been yet published by any US publisher, anyone has been brave enough because as the author declares "It's self-censorship". Anyway four Henry books will be published also in US next year by the independent publisher Sourcebooks.

Henrymania will be soon extending to other 27 countries, including China and Russia and in Britain young readers can already choose from 17 paperbacks, activity books, television series and just in time for Christmas a CD of music is beeing released.

Henry may really be a 21st century phenomenon even if it fits into a long tradition of the naughty child in literature.



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