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Feb 09

If you go and visit the Saatchi gallery in this period you will find the show Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East

After the success of the previous opening exhibition about Chinese contemporary art, now it's the time of young artists from Iran, Syria, IraqPalestine and what you will find is a world of political and social messages, documenting with humour among others the contradictions of women role.

They provoke and convince us.

Two works in particular has captured our attention and engendered a sort of  syndrome of Stendhal: the first, Ghost 2007 by Kader Attia, displaying a large installation of Muslim women in prayer - empty hoods made of tin foil who become alien and futuristic figures -  offers an interesting game of perspectives if seen from one side or the other of the room.

The second is Untitled 2008 by Ashmad Morshedloo, a detailed study of a woman reclined where the artist shows with  foreshortening, an extremely difficult technical skill in drawing, the woman's black hair uncovered - which instead should always be kept covered being it a source of female power according to Iranian tradition.

Before leaving the gallery don't miss the Project Room where a monumental giant sculpure of 8 metres, The Bed,by Will Ryman, is idle and waits for you.

Will Ryman isson of the highly regarded american painter Robert Ryman and lives in New York.For the first time his work is being exhibited in the UK.


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