Rain of Crystals and Glasses



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December 2008

It's Christmas time. All is sparkling and full of light around in the streets and in the air of London and speaking about a Dutch art company called Rock and Royal, where an original duo produce opulent chandeliers and original mosaics, real artworks, seems to be an appropriate celebration.  

The artists of such creatures are Arno Coenen, a dutch media artist well known internationally who creates peculiarly shaped chandeliers and photorealistic mosaics  -  any picture can be transformed in a huge mosaic for the wall or floor, bathroom or garden - and Hans van Bentem.

These works of art are one-of-a-kind, unique pieces, and can be commissioned by you and yes, they are mainly for exhibitionist millionaires' houses but it is worth knowing about it, it's light for everybody's eyes.



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