December 2008

Directed by Clint Eastwood this is a great thriller performed by an intense Angelina Jolie and a fantastic John Malcovich. 

 Jolie plays the role of an american mother in the 20s whose young son one day disappears, she desperately seeks him for months with no luck  and suddenly one day the police returnes a nine years child who declares to be her son but he is not..

Eastwood offers a movie of pure classicism, with a language style of old Hollywood in a highly expressive  way (...) and a tough political view. From a stylistic point of view Changeling stands at a superior level: outstanding the period reconstruction, extraordinary all the actors and moving the prudery in the Eastwood's tale  of the children abuse.

Superb scenes by the bright Tom Stern, and even if the film is not a masterpiece  as Million dollar baby, or Mistyc river, the quality is there and being based on a real story the movie blames the system's dishuman and dirty strategies.


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