November 2008

Another romantic english comedy where a young english boy falls in love and as a result marries a modern american girl.

They meet in monaco where she runs as pilot at the Grand Prix of Montecarlo, they get quickly married, he takes her to his huge countryhouse and introduces her to the family.

Oh what a scandal! She is too beautiful, too emancipated, too independent and not enough englishly rich to be happily welcomed by her majesty the Mother, (Christine Scott Thomas) and what an immoral  girl she looks to her eyes!

Jessica Biel (Timberlake's girlfriend in real life) Ben Barnes (Croniques of Narnia) Colin Firth (Bridget Jones) form the rest of the cast and an ending full of suprise!

Directed by Stephen Elliott.

The movie is an adaptation of the Hitchcock's homonymous silent film of 1928.



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