Colin Firth and his Single Man                      






The first movie by Tom Ford is the romantic tale of a man, who, in the Los Angeles of the 60's, loses his partner of a 16 years long relationship  in a car accident and the intense description of his grief and his  thoughts  about suicide because of  the impossibility to replace his lover ever.

The film is an elegant, stylish delicate description of the protagonist's life - the english college professor George Falconer performed by one of the best Colin Firth who, with this film, has gained a Bafta and a Venice Film Festival prizes as best actor. 

 After the sudden death of his lover Jim (Matthew Goode) Falconer lives a quite life in his luxury, stylish home, wearing elegant suits but struggling with life. 

The main theme of the drama is that kind of loneliness subsequent to the loss and the impossibility to start again, the protagonist  is alone, his best friend is a lonely divorced woman disperate for love.

But in the case of George hope is there, love and interest from others help him thanks in particular  to  one of the his alumns, the young Kenny who is coming to terms with his real nature, and who by stalking the professor will actually save the his sense of life. Thanks to him and to one of his delicate jestures, George will lock his gun in the drawer forever and probably will survive.


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