Gordon Ramsay in Camden town   




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We have tried and liked it, a lot!

 You maybe know that one of the best chefs in London is Gordon Ramsay, a real master of food, celebrated internationally for his talent both by media and culinary specialists.


He also got  a  familiar  face  because of  his TV Shows in the UK and he is famous for  his unusual manner in treating his staff. Quite tough but he is a perfectionist you know.

Apart from his character his food is at top levels and his restaurants are too,  some of them    have gained in the last years more than one Michelin star.


Prices are obviously at high levels as well but since September 2008 there is another good chance for lower budgets.


What we have now and precisely in Camden, borough in the north London, it's a  new spot opened by Angela Hartnett and Gordon Ramsay on the hedge of Regents Park.


In recent years, Angela Hartnett has emerged as one of Britain's most successful, best-loved and busiest chefs.


York and Albany - that's the name of the place - welcomes us in a warm, cosy, stylish and Georgian but informal atmosphere, with bar and restaurant at the groundfloor,  and  ten designed bedrooms for guests at the floors upstairs.


 The greatness of this place, is that it got something  to do with luxury  but you can really feel at ease, relax and enjoy at reasonable prices and with top quality!



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