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This year is the bicentenary of Charles Darwin, so why not visiting his home in  Kent, peaceful and lovely part of countryside not far from London?

 It's here, in Down House that the scientist lived for 40 years. His book The Origin of Species, written 150 years ago, revolutionised the Victorian world founding the natural selection as theory of evolution of the human and animal species.


Thanks to him we have a better understanding of the natural world which surrounds us and are more aware of all the natural life too often forgotten while living in the city.    Today in the Darwin's house we can explore the rooms where he and his family lived, his study with the precious microscope and instruments through which he made his observations, the extensive gardens which were his "outdoor laboratory" and inspired his scientific research - and where he gave birth to the branch of zoology that studies the behaviour of animals in their natural habitats the ethology - as well as his manuscripts and notebooks.


 These are the directions: Kent - BR6 7JT Luxted Rd, Orpington, BR6
01689 859 119

Road access:

Luxted Rd, Downe; off A21or A233

Train Access:

Travel by train is easy: only 15 minutes from London Victoria or London Charing Cross to Bromley South, followed by bus 146 at 36 minutes past the hour. Also trains to Orpington followed by bus R8 (not on Sundays).


For more info about Darwin and his studies you can also visit the Natural History Museum in London, South Kensington.




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