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Walking long the river Thames, a unique and charming type of lodging can be discovered and it concerns a kind of microcosm, a real floating village formed by a conspicuous number of boats, the House Boats.

You can find them among others in the area of Chelsea close to Battersea Bridge and Albert Bridge, where these colorful, differently shaped yachts called Trafalgar, Nomadish, Kipling, Aquarius, Penelope dock peacefully.


Some of them are very big, over two floors with upper terraces full of green,  they are pleasantly decorated and well-groomed and even luxury, some others look more basic but equipped with energy, heating, TV, telephone and security system. Some are available for sale, others already sold, so we understand that there is a market around these folkloristic  lodging solutions and they can be marketed by estate agents as traditional properties.


But a question comes natural to a visitor: even in their pretty appearance do they represent a lifestyle choice or a necessity?

Likely the answer is  that  sometimes they  espress a quirky and provocative choice  made by artists and show or fashion business people, but more often House Boats are  an alternative to the expensive traditional housing market.

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