Clare Maguire: british Singer Shoots to Fame with her 1st Album





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Clare Maguire, Birmingham born singer with Irish roots, released her long awaited debut album '' Light after Dark '' at the beginning of this year which included the single " The Last Dance".  As always under such circumstances, the difficulty lies in living up to expectations and there will unfailingly be critics who will find the result disappointing.

But the 23 year old with the impressive voice in a surprisingly delicate body is carrying the burden well.  And well she may. 

Having been nominated as one of the most promising singers of 2011 by the BBC and singled out by MTV, her voice has been compared to that of the great Annie Lennox.

 Maguire comes from a very large musical Irish family and has been singing and writing music since the age of seven.  Her music can be bleak but her character is anything but.  She amazes by the determination with which she pursues her career and her music.  There is no alternative for her, so it seems.

After having become known through platforms such as MySpace and Last FM, record companies scrambled to sign her up as early as 2008.  However, she decided to work on her album in the States and met with the likes of star-producers Rick Rubin and Jay Z, was introduced to music legend Leonard Cohen, but finished up by signing on with Polydor on the grounds that the company would be able to give her maximum exposure. 


The titles on her first album are not ground-breaking, but it cannot be denied that the song " You 're Electric " or the Irish ballad " This Is Not The End " give an exciting glimpse of things to come.  Watch this space. 



                                                By Reya von Galen



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