Beirut: Renaissance of a City                                                   


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Beirut had been voted as the number 1 destination to visit in 2009 out of the top 44 by the New York Times.

 The Lebanon's capital has recently grown fast and today has become one of the most exciting cities, full of young people and offering great attractions,  stylish new resorts, a  vibrant nightlife above all in Gemmayzeh street, where most of the pubs and clubs are located.

Food is another feature which is worth to enjoy being the Lebanese cuisine  simply exquisite and once you try you'll never give it back.


 But Beirut is not the only site to visit once you are in the country which was the byblical "Land of Milk and Honey" .  

Lebanon is a pretty small territory located in the Near East (not Middle east as Lebanese people want to clarify) at the borders with Israel and Syria and measuring just 10,452 km2.


It enjoys a pleasant sub-tropical climate ( 23-30 C in Aug and 11-17 in Jan), sublime landscapes, beautiful beaches, cutting-hedge art, music and art festivals mostly during the summer season (Baalback, Byblos, Beit el Din, Tyre, Al Bustan)... and stylish new resorts all over the country.


 Wonderful sites are worth seeing (Baalbek, Byblos, Jeita, Tyre, Sidon,...), and definitely the natural wonder which is Jeita Grotto.

Lebanon is pretty safe at the moment and the beach season is about to start!  A nice suggestion can be Edde Sands

And what about Lebanese people? We have asked a young Lebanese, Head of an important NGO and here is her answer :

"Lebanese people are the same everywhere... what you see in Europe and other countries is what you see in Lebanon: We party, we drink - yes, alcohol included;), we go out to the beach in summer, we ski in winter, we have normal relationships although we are a bit more conservative than Europeans (but close to Italians) and we have a looooooot of friends :) we speak fluently 3 languages Lebanese, English and French".

The insider's description sounds interesting and we'd love to leave soon and enjoy a break in this unusual destination just 5 hours flight away.


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