Naturally charming: the Maloja Palace



  If you are a mountain lover you would probably enjoy  the fabulous winter scenery of the  Alps, overlooking and walking on an amazing frozen lake and skiing on some of the best slopes of Switzerland.


  So head for the Maloja Palace in Engadine, pretty area of the german Switzerland, at the borders with Italy, 2 hours away from Milan. In this  location, set on the Maloja Pass, 13 km from St Moritz, the international worldy mountain destination, is this huge ancient hotel of character who has just been renovated by the new owner and taken back to its old splendour.


 Built in 1884 in neo-renaissance style for the Belgian Count Camille de Renesse, the legendarian Maloja Palace (once called Hotel Kursaal) was a prestigious destination for the international jet set and aristocracy.

L.W Rotschild, the count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (inventor of the rigid dirigible), Lady Churchill, Arturo Toscanini had been some of the illustrious guests who stayed here in the past. 

Today is still an exclusive alpine resort which attract guests from all over the world in a warm and familiar atmosphere where you can find a home away from home and socialize in an appealing and enjoyable environment by practising ski in a heavenly setting.


The refurbishment of the hotel aims at making the entire complex carbon-neutral. This is why geothermal heating is already in use in the dependence, the golfhouse, and will soon also replace the heating system in the main building. All meals served in its 3 restaurants are organic without artificial additives or colours.

 The hotel is available for short breaks, week-end or longer stays, offering also the opportunity to rent suites, flats and rooms all year long with tailored packages on request making possible to have your own place at disposal with no need of booking, in a place of extraordinary beauty.


The MalojaPalace offers also 130 rooms in the basic style of an alpine refuge ideal for schools or colleges, wishing to organize summer camps or winter breaks.


Directions: only 2 hours by car from Milan and Zurich.

Availibility of flying taxi from the airports of Milan and Zurich to the swiss airport of Samedan (40 mins flights).


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