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At a certain point in many people's life a challenge may be needed, in order to reinvigorate, rediscover theirself and find a new energy to go ahead with their career or even start a new life.

An healthy alternative can be found on a sabbatical leave, spent in a trip to the Sahara desert in North Africa.
This is the proposal of a new project: the Beyond Boundaries Expedition which - according to a team of psychologists, adventurers and development specialists who are there to help - aims to prepare participants (mainly senior corporate leaders) to a new upper managerial position or a new life post-corporate.

A personal coach will support and work with them before, during and after the expedition which is an intensive coaching/transition experience where participants are assigned a personal coach who will work with them before, during and after the trip which would normally last at least one week.

This solution, based on the fact that being in the desert can bring new quality of thinking, is aimed to increase individuals self awareness and teach how to manage their lives and work with radical decisions in the future, developing mental toughness and spirit of discovery.

   At least three expeditions are planned this year, the first departing at the end of February.


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